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Shea Michelle Buckles, Designs by Shea & Designs by Durfey are handcrafted for individuals and associations. The company was originally founded 19 years ago in Australia by Shea’s parents, Eddie and Joanne Fisher. Shea expanded the company to the United States in 2010 under the name Shea Michelle Buckles.

Our motto is "Affordable quality that brings out the uniqueness in you,” and we can cater to your specific needs. Each buckle, piece of jewelry and accessory is an original made by our experienced silversmiths. Changes can be easily accommodated to help with promotional areas i.e. sponsor names, your logo, or size and style variations.

Buckles are designed from original hand drawings and crafted with extensive scrolls of art unmatched by our competitors. Each piece of material is cut out, arranged and engraved by hand. Depending on investment, items are made with jeweler’s gold, gold plating or real gold on a German or sterling silver base.

Several different shaped buckle bases are available including three piece sets. These are small enough to be used on bridles or spur straps too. Custom spurs can be made using buckle designs. Each standard buckle design is easily customized with figures, scrolls, ribbons according to your choice. Add colored stones, real gems and diamonds, whatever strikes your fancy. We look forward to serving you!

Shea Fisher- Durfey


Australian country music singer, Shea Fisher, not only sings about country life, she lives it. The daughter of bull riding and bareback riding champion, Eddie Fisher and champion barrel racer, Joanne Fisher, Shea grew up on the rodeo circuit. In 1998, ten year old Shea and her family moved to America. Her father was competing on the Professional Bull Riding circuit, and when Shea saw Pam Minick at the PBR events, her whole world changed. 

“I used to stand in front of the mirror with my hair brush and practice interviewing my toys like I saw Pam do on TV with the cowboys. I knew I wanted to do that one day.”

Fast forward & Shea has fulfilled that dream and then some. In 2007, at the age of sixteen, Shea signed a record deal with ABC Music.

After the release of her first album, Shea toured throughout Australia, was the most requested artist on CMC, sold the most albums of any new country artist, and had more #1 songs than any new country artist that year. Shea has had four #1 songs in Australia and a CMT Top 20 song in the United States.

Following the success of her first album, Shea released a second album, self-titled ‘Shea’, in 2009, and this led to her signing with a US record label. Shea’s music inspiration comes from all areas of her country life, and she loves nothing more than saddling up her horse and going for a ride to clear her head.

“I wouldn’t trade my country roots for anything. I am proud of who I am. The sky is the limit if you dream big and believe in yourself, when people tell me I can’t achieve something it makes me work harder.” 

Shea in 2020 has a comeback to music after taking a short break to have her daughters and to focus on a myriad of other of Shea’s life passions.  Life since her last album has been hectic, to say the least. Shea married World Champion Roper Tyson Durfey in 2013 after a whirlwind 12-month romance; they welcomed their first daughter in 2016 and their second daughter in 2018. The couple successfully started and run various businesses from their property in Texas, so they can be close to their daughters. These businesses include Shea Michelle Buckles and Shea Baby Boots, among others, and aside from his rodeo career, Tyson also runs the ‘No Limits’ mentorship program for ropers.

Shea says this is the season for her music and wants to show her daughters that whether you’re a mum or not, and regardless of age, you can be successful as a woman. Her parents always inspired her to dream big, and Shea doesn’t take anything for granted. Her Aussie upbringing and family have kept her grounded.

The road to success, however, hasn’t always been smooth – there have been many ups and downs along the way. “I love the quote, ‘Failure is one step closer to success’ – I have never been afraid to fail. I would rather try something and it not work out than not try it and think, what if?” says Shea.

Tyson Durfey

Tyson Durfey grew up in Savannah, Missouri, training horses and ranching with his dad and brothers. 

“My dad Roy roped in the PRCA, and then when he quit, he started ranching and riding calf roping horses. My whole family, including my older brothers Travis and Wes, roped calves.”

At nine years old, Tyson competed in his first rodeo, and as soon as he turned eighteen, he hit the rodeo trail.

Tyson’s PRCA career began in 2003 and through the years, he has earned his way into the highest ranks of professional tie-down ropers. His achievements include three Canadian World Championships (the first ever non-Canadian resident to achieve this feat), winning “The American” in 2014, qualifying seven times for the WNFR, and over one million dollars in PRCA earnings. Tyson’s work ethic and passion for this sport have propelled him to household name status among rodeo fans. In 2016 Tyson became the WORLD CHAMPION & achieved a long life dream. 

Tyson believes his success is best used as a platform to serve others. He does this through supporting many charitable foundations, especially those focused on breast cancer research, and his signature pink shirt is worn in support of those battling the disease. Outside of the arena, Tyson puts his business mind to use through growing Shea Michelle Buckles, public speaking, and promoting his sponsors and partners.

Tyson and Shea met at Rodeo Houston in 2011. Sparks flew and they were married on October 6, 2013. Shea Michelle Buckle Designs was launched by Shea in 2010, and they continue to grow the company together. Designs by Shea and Designs by Durfey were launched in 2015. The couple lives near Weatherford, Texas. When they’re not traveling to a rodeo, you can find them working out at the nearest gym, riding their young prospects, or working on their business.

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