Welcome to our brand new website. We hope you enjoy looking through our newest line of Belt Buckles, Jewelry and Accessories.

My name is Shea Fisher- Durfey and I am the owner of Shea Michelle Buckles with my Husband Tyson. My parents Eddie & Jo first created our business 15 years ago in Australia. When I signed a record deal in the US I decide to branch the business into the US market. I have now been running the company here for the past five years. Tyson & I have spent the past year creating brand new designs that no other companies are using. It is important for us as a company to create unique designs that stand out. Tyson & I both grew up in Rodeo families competing in Rodeos so we understand how much it means to win a title and belt buckle or trophy item. The Rodeo road is not an easy road to travel but when getting presented that beautiful buckle or trophy item it makes it all worth it. This is why we pride ourself on unique high quality products. 

All our items we make come with life time Warranty & we guarantee on time delivery.

We are excited to continue to build our company. We appreciate the support and business you all bring to us.